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Integration across all borders

As fate would have it, he came to Switzerland with his family as a sixteen-year-old boy. From being silent to starting to speak he developed and refined his own method of learning foreign languages – far more effective than what we are used to from school time. He is ready to share it with all […]

Learning a New Skill Through a New Language

I don’t know about you, but one of my favourite things is learning or experiencing something new. It keeps life interesting, can help us with our career and even keep our brains healthy. When you know the basics of your target language (the one you are learning), you are ready to use it to gain […]

A Guide to a German/Swiss Christmas

How to make the most of a very un-Christmassy year 2020 has been a very, very long year for all of us. While some people are still stuck in home office and students are trying to stay awake during a full day of Zoom lectures, essential workers have to travel to their workplaces to keep […]

Meet the founders of VOX-Sprachschule

Christmas Traditions from Around the Globe

In Switzerland, Christmas is without a doubt the most important holiday of the year, no matter whether your family also goes to church or if you celebrate it as a non-religious holiday.  It’s the time to come together with all your family members you generally try to avoid or stand outside in the cold sipping […]

Csaba about his super-fast tailor-made learning at VOX

Csaba was one of the most successful students at VOX. He learned German from A1 level until B1 level with the TELC German exam passed in 6 lessons of 60 min of individual lessons at VOX. We shaped a highly individualized program for him that matched exactly his learning way, and it produced really amazing […]

Pawel shares his experience with VOX.

It all started with Russian. In the beginning, Pawel said that he is not gifted for language learning because he is rather talented in maths. After the first Russian course at VOX and a successful experience, he also took a German course. Then he said that he understood how the VOX method works and decided […]

The Ultimate Checklist for Finding the Right Language Course

1. ARE THE GROUPS NOT TOO BIG? It is important to consider that the bigger your group is, the less time you will have to actively speak and the less time the teacher will have to address your personal needs. Ideally, the group size should not exceed 5 people and the teacher should balance the […]

Speaking in Tongues

“Was ist deine Muttersprache?” is one of the first sentences my German A1 students learn in class. After all, a person’s mother tongue is a central part of their personality. For me as a teacher, it is especially interesting to know, since their initial strengths and weaknesses in learning German heavily depend on their mother […]

How to Deal with Frustration – An Open Letter

Dear student, I think we’ve all been there. Sometimes, we just get stuck and we don’t seem to be moving forward anymore, not even one single step. It’s an awful feeling and it needs instant treatment, as this sentiment makes us feel horrible about our learning process. We feel unmotivated, unproductive, and frustrated—or in one […]

Speaking and Striving in German, English, Japanese, and Romansh

An Interview with Luca Denser (my Brother) Some time ago, I wrote a blog post about what it is like to grow up in three different countries (“On Anxiety and Assimilation”). Luckily, I did not have to go through this experience on my own, as my brother was also exposed to the same language environment […]

Grammar Shaming

I was talking to a colleague from university (a brilliant postdoc in literature) about a student of mine who did not know—or did not recognize among a few examples—what an article, such as the or a, was: “Oh, I have never heard of prepositions or verbs or those other things you mentioned, but I think […]

Overcoming the Language Barrier: A Rewarding Journey via Countless Blunders

As a 19-year-old who had just finished school I went to South Africa as a volunteer youth instructor for four month. It was the first time that I left Europe and the first time I used English as the every- day language of communication. Even though I was a good student and thus was able […]

(Non) Native Speaker Teachers

I saw a commercial bragging that “by *** we will only have native speaker teachers”. In my teaching career, many schools have turned down my application with a simple: “We don’t hire non-native speakers”. Now, I must say my relation to my mother tongue is different than the one that I have with my “learned […]


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