About VOX-Sprachschule Blog


At VOX-Sprachschule, we believe that by acquiring relevant language skills people can become self-confident and unleash full potential in day-to-day communication as well as in their professional fields.


At VOX-Sprachschule, we develop a network of communication taking innovation as the keyword. We patiently grasp the learning needs of our students and to this end we strive for the innovative teaching methodologies to implement effective and advanced initiatives.

Igor and Evaldas, the founders of VOX-Sprachschule, has been involved in innovative language teaching research, and are at the forefront when new technical opportunities emerge.

We rightly know the value of speaking in any language and are up to utilize a variety of teaching techniques to fit the needs of diverse student population.

Our values

As a student-centered language school we value:

  • A creative proficiency based learning environment to prepare our students to be informed global citizens, lifelong learners, and productive professionals who are able to communicate confidently with effectiveness, and engage successfully in diverse environments.  
  • The improvement of our students’ language skills through our especially designed programs that make them able to grow dynamically by fulfilling the diverse coaching needs through our vast array of courses taught by university professionals.
  • The dedication of maximizing students’ linguistic competence through innovating learning methods and by dividing our students into small groups to ensure continuous potential and study support.
  •  The delivery of highly effective instructor-led and personalized solutions by introducing our innovative teaching methods, small groups of classes, individual private lessons, in-house language training and business language courses.

Through a commitment to language excellence, we look forward to having you learn foreign languages with us here at VOX-Sprachschule!